Standard furnishings of the apartment unit

Inside walls, walls between apartments
drywall partition 155 mm thick
Inside walls, partitions
plasterboard partitions 125 mm thick
Inside coating
Inside coating of walls and ceilings - smooth plaster painted white; flats 4, 5 and 9 have white cupboard door in front of a gas boiler
Lowered ceilings
plasterboard lowered ceilings
Glass-aluminium windows AWS 75.Si fitted into façade system Schüco FW 50+Si with triple glazing; the window covers the whole wall, frames are built into the ground and ceiling
Handle for façade door which can be opened or tilted
Schüco door without rosette
Surface finishing of aluminium profiles of the glazing powder colour range RAL
Place to attach canopy with electric controller
Strong white plates that create a pergola above terraces on the third floor
Indoor window sills
Rigidur (plaster-fibre boards) and washable paint
Outdoor window sills
Alucobond, FunderMax, plaster
Inside doors
White door, door frame SV 2100mm, frame flush with the door leaf
The doors are smooth and solid
White paint RAL 9010
Entrance door
Safety door with the required fire resistance, without visible frame from the stairway, in the direction towards the apartment the door and its frame is level with the rosette and the door lock.
Floors in rooms
Floor HARO Parkett 3000 oak
Floors and tiles in the bathroom and toilet
Tiles Metalli produced by ITC Ceramiche
Plumbing fixtures
Avital Nims Chrom, chrome plug, chrome hot and cold water taps
Bathroom fixtures
Fitted shower bath and bath Gustavsberg ARTIC 180, 1800x800 panelled with tiles, bathroom sink Kolo Twins,600x400 (right-angled inside), oval-shaped siphon in chrome.
Hanging Kolo Primo toilet
Corner wash basin Laufen or Roca Hall on the third floor
Angular wash basin Sapho 37x23.5x12.5
Pipes PPR PN16
Hot and cold water meters
All apartments have one water connector for a washing machine in the place specified in the apartment plans, either in the bathroom or in the utility room
Terraces of apartments 2, 3, 6-V7, 7-V7 have one cold water outlet (hose valve) with a closing valve inside the apartment
Underfloor heating; in addition some rooms have ISAN EXACT heaters
Bathrooms have KORALUX LINERA COMFORT heaters (central or electric heating)
Heating can by regulated by thermostats in each room and the bathroom.
Water heating
Water heating is taken care of by a 120 l JUNKERS ST 120-2E boiler.
Pipes with sound insulation
Electricity distribution and electricity meters
Electricity distribution via CYKY cables, hidden inside the walls in construction cavities or above the lowered ceilings; fuse boxes will be situated in the apartments
Low current distribution
Information systems - data and telephone, communal television aerial (STA), video telephone at the entrance; security systems - fire alarm (EPS), drive-in system into the garages, 2x power point with two sockets in the living room, 1x power point with two sockets in each bedroom; each apartment has a coaxial cable with data volume of 4 packets, DVBT programmes, VKV FM radio signal, satellite ASTRA and HOT BIRD signals
TV/SAT/FM socket in each room; video intercom cabling will be prepared for the video telephone system, home audio telephone for communication with reception and opening of the front entrance
Low current sockets will be placed in the same power point as high current sockets
Switches and sockets
White wall switches and power point sockets ABB Swing
Outlets for lights 1x in each room, 2x in the bathroom and in the living room with kitchenette
1 x outdoor power point on the terrace
Ventilation and air-conditioning
Pipe ventilators in toilets and bathrooms, sound insulation, reverse flaps, Electrodesign
Outlet for air-conditioning multi split (each apartment has its own system)
Kitchen, kitchenette
Without the kitchen unit; outlets for basic kitchen appliances
Outlets for hot and cold water, sewage, 1x socket for a stove, 1x socket for an oven, 1 x socket for a dishwasher, 3 x 220V sockets for other appliances, 2x 220V outlet for kitchen unit lighting
Outlet for cooker hood with cover
Note: gas in the apartments is only to be used for heating and heating of hot water (not to be used for cooking)
Terraces floors and railings
Wooden grid - Siberian larch, subtle stainless steel rail construction filled with stainless steel net X-TEND produced by CarlStahl, resistance cable along terrace drainage
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Standard features of the apartment complex / communal areas

The building is built on reinforced concrete foundations over two height levels
Foundations at the Pod Kesnerkou street level is supplemented with a grid made from reinforced concrete beams as it is built within very close proximity of a road
Construction system
The main supporting feature under the suspended part of the building is steel pillar in a V shape, other vertical supporting constructions are in the form of reinforced concrete walls, reinforced concrete pillars and steel pillars. Subtle steel pillars are constructed in places which are under less load and built is such a way that they emphasise the transparency of façades and free space inside
Roof construction
Reinforced concrete
Main entrance door made of glass and aluminium, producer Schüco, type ADS 75.Si
Schüco fittings, "ball" - handle with imbedded rosette and lock in the door frame
Electro-mechanic lock allows remote opening and locking each time the door is closed
Concrete screed on floors, plastered walls
Prefabricated reinforced concrete, white FunderMax concrete blocks with a white core make up the handrails of the main stairway
KONE MonoSpace PW04/10-19, cage size 750x1100x2100mm, design Silicon Grey (R2), with a Snow White signalisation and control board
Parking places
Parking places on the ground floor near the lift, electric entrance gate suitable for frequent use, automatic opening of garage door with a remote control
Floor screed Resist 2K
The upper part of the property is fenced with a wall made from reinforced concrete.
Whitesmith construction
TiZn 0.7 mm, gutter connected to tin plates with PVC coating
Outside walls
Reinforced concrete walls, Ytong
Inside coating
Each apartment will be heated individually using a JUNKERS ZSBR 16-3A, 3.7-15.9 kW boiler
Water heating will be taken care of by a 120 l JUNKERS ST 120 - 2E boiler
Pipes in the building PPR PN16, pipes in the ground PE PN10; water supply in case of fire: galvanised steel, pipes covered with insulation
Sound insulated sewage pipes, in the ground KG system PVC piping
Electricity distribution and electricity meters
Electricity distribution via CYKY and CHKE-V-S cables laid in the construction cavities or above the lowered ceiling
Electricity will be measured with electricity meters placed in the electricity distribution board on the 1st underground floor
Communal electricity distribution board and the distribution board for the lift will be placed on the 1st underground floor
Electricity - low current
Automatic gate keeper with ABB-Welcome video camera for 9 apartments with a FERMAX Marine video camera, fitted into the wall
Electric fire alarm, outlet for Wi-Fi ESS with visible features and sensors
energy certificate - ENB Kesnerka